How to use ( in android?

Its testcode need (。 you can look PSENet Project .> 72 lines
I have torch==1.4.0 change PSENet.pth ==> and model load in Android is OK。But,
next I don’t know what to do.
I want a little alittle translation the PSENet testcode in Android 。
Sorry,my English is very poor, if you can, give me some android advice

This Android tutorial should give you a quick overview of the basic functionality.
I’m currently unsure where you are stuck, so the tutorial(s) might be helpful.

hi, I have looked the android document when I asked。 What I want to say is : I trained a text detection model and I wanted it to work on android. I’ve successfully loaded it on android, but the follow-up work (read pictures, output test results) I don’t have a clue. The original code used the ( interface, so how I used it in android (, I wanted to do nothing more than turn the test code step by step to android runable

Above from Bing Translation

You wouldn’t need to use a DataLoader, but could stick to the example of loading a single sample.
I’m not sure, if the DataLoader with the complete functionality is ported to the mobile API (and if not, if it’s planned to do so).

OK,thanks. I will try something