How to use Visdom to visualize the training process?

I ran the program on the cloud server and opened Visdom before training the model. Why can’t I open my website? How can I see the training process through Visdom?


The error message points to an issue with your DNS configuration.
I’m not sure, if it’s related to Visdom or your current server / website setup.

This title reminds me to ask question.
Is there any way to visualize training process of GAN’s ,while training.
Also it would be great if we visualize and save in video format.

Thank you for your idea.

I’ve used visdom to plot pictures of different epochs, but visdom has also video support (haven’t used it yet).

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I opened Visdom in the local terminal, and gave me the URL http: // localhost: 8097 and it can be opened. However, it is the URL http: // 2be6dfaf3048: 8097 that can not be opened on the cloud server. Is this because I am using someone else ’s server? How can I troubleshoot this error?