How to use VS to load pytorch model?

These are the files I generated from the source code.

But I don’t know which file should be used to load pytorch’s model and predict it.
My current environment :VS2017 pytorch 0.4.0 Thanks

Does anyone get a C++ porting?

Your question is not clear.
Are you asking which library to be used in order to load certain PyTorch model?

If not, then there is no PyTorch model listed above.

Hello, thank you. I use Python training model. How do I use C++ to call it? Mainly I don’t know which lib or DLL the C++ project should contain pytorch to invoke model prediction.

eg:Mxnet C++ project use libmxnet.lib and libmxnet.dll

Following are the scenarios

  1. You have a PyTorch model - Use PyTorch C++ Export -

  2. You have model in ONNX - then either use converter to convert into PyTorch model and then step 1
    or ONNX to Caffe and then use caffe library
    Read here - ONNX: deploying a trained model in a C++ project