How to visualize the architecture of a model?

Hello I am very new to this field and
dealing with Pytorch is difficult for me.

How can I visualize the architecture of a model?

I have tried the following:

and it throws an error that I cannot solve.

The error suggests your model is in training mode but should be in evaluation mode. So, can you put model.eval() before the yhat = model(batch) line, and see if that solves the error?

batch = next(iter(training_data))

Thank you for your reply. After your addition I received another error message.

What does “expecting the last two dimensions of the Tensor to be H and W instead got {img.shape[-2:]}” mean?
And how can I fulfill the expectation?

Your variable img isn’t a Tensor it’s a list, so check what img exactly is. It could be a list of a single tensor, but you’ll need to check. You could try printing len(img) to see how many items are in the list