I am unable to Utlize my AMD GPU on my HP Omen Laptop

The reason why I contacted you is because I have AMD ryzen 9 processor and AMD Raedon GPU. I wish to run pytorch, which is essential for deep learning models for my MSc project. When I searched the documentation, link: Start Locally | PyTorch

RoCm is something that I am allowed download to use pytroch, I have downloaded this, unfortunately when I ask this in my code, torch.cuda.is_available(), it always returns false, that means it is not using my GPU even though I have GPU,

Regarding my GPU version please refer to the snippet,

As per the AMD GPU support list: GPU and OS Support (Linux) — ROCm Documentation Home

Pytorch is not using my GPU, even tensorflow is not using my GPU. How do I fix this? Please escalate the issue to the relevant team as this is important. Please note laptop is HP Omen.