I can't compile a very basic example using libtorch due to a linking error for the file mkl_intel_ilp64.lib

Dear all,
I want to build torch_cluster and to do that I was using precompiled libtorch. However this gave me a linking error with the mkl_intel_ilp64.lib. I’m on a Windows machine and have already installed MKL libraries from Intel’s website. After this, I wanted to try to create an very basic example case as in:Installing C++ Distributions of PyTorch — PyTorch master documentation, however I faced the same issue. It says something like "LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open the file ‘mkl_intel_ilp64.lib’
Do you have any idea why this problem is occuring? I’ve been fighting with this for a couple of days and any help would be appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance and have a good day!

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