I suggest to do more courses with Coursera rather than Udacity for the situation that we do not have enough tutorial on Pytorch

I don’t think Udacity and Fast.ai are going to work because of the problems I have mentioned in below:

  1. For the Udacity, it only covers some very basic ideas or not even basic. For example, the word embedding only teaches the index to the word. If the student wants to learn more, he or she need to pay 600 dollars or 400 dollars per month.

  2. For the fast.ai, it pretty much teaches how to use their library instead of how to use PyTorch.

  3. For the database on privacy on Udcaity with FB, that one is not even about deep learning.

On the Coursera site, I have taken a lot of courses from them in Tensorflow on NPL(not just index to word), CNN, DNN, Time series prediction, Javascript in Tensorflow, and Tensorflow Quantization. I have not paid a single dime on them because I applied Finical Aid, and I have built a lot of projects and earned many certificates from them. One of the good advances of coursera is they also have many courses about the theory of deep learning by Andrew Ng. If they have a good Pytorch class with FaceBook, I am sure many of people or students can have advantages from that.