I want to study Pytorch from scratch!

Hello, everyone!

When we learn or research deep learning and the other things related to ML or DL we use PyTorch…

I’m also a user of Pytorch.

Using PyTorch, I suddenly think that I want to study PyTorch from scratch!

I’ve wondered how the tensor is defined and how the values are back-propagated.

So, I’ve decided that I study Pytorch which version of either c++ or python.

but, I don’t know where to start.

Could you give me some help to learn Pytorch?
What is the first thing that I have to do?

It is my future goal to join in PyTorch open-source development project in Github.

I would suggest to pick an easy looking issue on GitHub, post that you are interested and new, and either someone will guide you through the PR or could suggest another one, if your pick is not beginner friendly.
You will learn the internals of PyTorch while working on a real fix instead of staring at code, which sounds like more fun to me. :wink:

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