If I could toggle PyTorch version in PyCharm like toggling Python3 with Python2

I surprisingly found that I have both PyTorch 0.4.1 and PyTorch 1.0 preview in my Anaconda.I thougth the PyTorch1.0 has overwritten the 0.4.1 version.But it didn’t. Inspired by toggling bewteen Python2.x and Python3.x in PyCharm.I’m wondering if I could toggle the different version of PyTorch just like switching Python.If it really works, I can enjoy the new features and at the same time I can learn others’ code writting in previous versions.Anyone can give me an answer!thanks!


I believe that if pytorch for py2 is in stable or pre-release channels you will be able to install on your py2 environment.
If not you can try to find it on another channel so see if somebody built it already or you can just learn how to build your own.