Image restoration of 2000s Egyptian movies

in the 2000s, there is a huge difference between the image quality of movies produced in the west versus the ones produced locally in Egypt.
my point of this post is understand if there is any technologies available to restore Egyptian movies.
First I’ll start by showcasing the quality of images, I can’t even describe precisely what these images suffer from, so I will need your help with that. Personally I think it’s combination of low quality images (due to the camera used) and somewhat a heavy compression as most of these movies are reuploads to the internet (correct me if I’m wrong)
image 1: Saeedi Fi El Gamaa El Amrekiia (1998)
link to watch :

image 2: Saheb Sahbo (2002)
link to watch :

image 3: Askar au camp (2003)
link to watch:

Yes in general the problem you’re looking at is called Super Resolution so google that term + PyTorch, you’re gonna get a bunch of different models, try them out and see what works for you. Good luck this sounds like a fun project

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