Implement parallel layer

Hi. I’m learning pytorch for my research.

I want to implement specific type of model in attached image. Is there anyone know how to implement the model?


  1. Size of input data: [channel=192, w=32, height=32]. (Note that 192 = 64 * 3)
  2. Next layers consist of 3 parallel layers which has no connections between the layers.
  3. I will call three layers A, B and C.
    3-0) The number of Input & Output nodes of each three layers are 643232.
    3-1) Layer A feed first 64 channels of input data.
    3-2) Layer B feed next 64 channels of input data.
    3-3) Layer C feed last 64 channels of input data
    3-4) No connections among A, B and C
  4. Finally, merge output of A, B and C layer which has size [channel=192, w=32, height=32].

If you know examples or solution, please help me.