Implementation of delated convolution

I am interested in time of inference of delated convolution. Is it the same time like usual convolution?
I know that Flops depend on output size, kernel size and amount of in-/out- channels.
I can’t find an implementation of delated convolution. Does kernel size change in delated convolution?

I did a test. It turned out that usual convolution faster, then delated. Why does it happen?


@ptrblck_de, please, answer the question)

The flops will be nominally the same, but

  • The memory accesses will be less “compact”,
  • they are less often used and likely less well-tuned - convolutions are among the crazily well-tuned and computationally very demanding functions.

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Thank you, Thomas.

Is there something better then dilated convolution, if I want to have a big receptive field?
I want to replace dilated convolution, because to count it longer then usual convolution.

The most standard way is pooling, probably. I’m not sure there are many much better ways.

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Thank you very much, Thomas