Implementing element-wise logical and tensor operation

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I have 2 matrix that have same shape.I want to do element-wise logical_and operation and return a matrix that match the original shape. How to do this?
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Just use

a * b or torch.mul(a, b)

Torch.dtype is the data type of torch.tensor, the torch.dtype doesn’t have bool type, similar to bool type is torch.uint8, your can see torch.dtype here. So if do logical_and operation on two tensor, you should expect to get 0/1s numerical values not True/False bool values. And tensor with uint8 type have logical_and operation &, you need change the tensor data type to unint8 first.

a = torch.tensor([[0, 1], [0.0, 2.3]])
b = torch.tensor([[1, 1], [0.0, 0.0]])
c = torch.zeros_like(a) # all zero with same shape of a
result =  (~torch.eq(a, c)) & (~torch.eq(b, c))
result is a 
 tensor([[0, 1],
        [0, 0]], dtype=torch.uint8)
result.numpy().astype('bool') # change to bool ndarray in numpy
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@zhl515 since pytorch 1.2, there is a dtype torch.bool and associated BoolTensor. The bitwise operators aka numpy (and &, or |, xor ^ and not ~) all work on these as logical operations.