Import Conflict: skimage and pytorch

When I import skimage(scikit-image) and pytorch simultaneously, I meet a problem when I import the 2 packages in this order:

import torch
from skimage import io

It will rise an error: Segment Error
But when I adjust the order as :

from skimage import io
import torch

The error disappeared.

I guess it may be some conflicts between the 2 packages.

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are you on pytorch v0.2.0?
We thought we fixed these errors. hmmm…


What Python version are you using? I found a similar bug with Intel Python 3 distro, but no such error in Anaconda distro.

Actually I’m pretty sure that my torch version is 0.2.0_1,and the conflict still exists, so…

And if it’s convenient,may you take a look at another problem(or bug) I propose with the title “Conv3d Problem: SIGSEGV(Signal 11)”?

It has tormented me for several days.

Thanks for your attention and reply!

I have checked the version is 0.2.0_1. :sweat_smile:

And I also meet a problem when I use Conv3d, which I have proposed in another problem with title “Conv3d Problem: SIGSEGV(Signal 11)”. If it’s convenient, may you take a look for me please?

Thanks for your attention and reply!