Import error on using torch_XLA

As I am working on TPU kernal,

I have executed these lines

and then got this error on running these imports

@admins @smth @ptrblck please help.

Please don’t tag certain people, as this might discourage others to answer and might also tag users, who are not experts in the topic.

That being said, I’ll move your topic to the XLA category to add visibility.

Thanks ptrblck … can please suggest some tips and tricks to add visibility to my topics while posting? I would very greatful as I am new to pytorch forums.

I’ve already moved the topic to the right category, so let’s wait until @ailzhang and other XLA expert have some time to look into the topic. As it’s weekend, you might need to wait a bit. :wink:

@ailzhang or anyone from torch xla team if you can help please

Hi @IamSparky, sorry for the late reply, we take all xla/tpu related questions/feature requests/bug reports as issues in pytorch/xla repo. Would you mind posting the issue in pytorch/xla github with a link to the colab notebook? I’m pretty sure this should work but it’s hard to locate without seeing the code.