Import torch fails - duplicate CUDA device?

Pytorch keeps failing. Error message below when I run “import torch”

import torch
[F …\c10\core\CopyBytes.cpp:24] Check failed: g_copy_bytes[0][from][to] == nullptr && g_copy_bytes[1][from][to] == nullptr Duplicate registration for device type pair CUDA, CUDA

I have the following installed on top of Python 3.8.5

torch 1.8.1+cu111
torchaudio 0.8.1
torchvision 0.9.1+cu102

I note that Torchvision does not seem to be compatible with CUDA 11.1. There is not another verson of torchvision available. Suggestions?

Note that after this error, the python interpreter crashes.

Running on windows 10 under Anaconda

Hello bro. Have you fixed that? I am currently encountering that issue also.