#include "TH/TH.h" error: undefined 'dpstrf_'

I am sorry to ask this question again which is similar as the question as I asked before 5666. But I still do not know how to deal with it, I hope anyone who can help me, thank you advance !!!

My Question: How can I do the similar thing as example in apaszke’s blog in pytorch:

#include "TH/TH.h"
int main()
    THFile *x_file = THDiskFile_new("x", "r", 0);
    THFile *y_file = THDiskFile_new("y", "r", 0);
    THFloatTensor *x = THFloatTensor_newWithSize1d(10);
    THFloatTensor *y = THFloatTensor_newWithSize1d(10);
    THFile_readFloat(x_file, x->storage);
    THFile_readFloat(y_file, y->storage);
    double result = THFloatTensor_dot(x, y) + THFloatTensor_sumall(x);
    printf("%f\n", result);
    return 0;

My cmake is as follows (this is a subdirectory):

file(GLOB  hfile *.hpp *.h )   
file(GLOB  cufile  *.cu)        
set(exec main.cpp)

set(TORCH_LIB "My_Root_To_Anaconda/python3.5/site-packages/torch/lib")

add_executable(abs ${exec} ${hfile} ${cufile})

file(GLOB sofile ${TORCH_LIB}/*.so.*)
target_link_libraries(abs ${sofile})

However, when I #include "TH/TH.h",there is the error as follows(I change the chinese to english):

torch/lib/libTH.so.1:undefined ‘dpstrf_’   
torch/lib/libTH.so.1:undefined ‘GOMP_parallel_start@VERSION’
.... and many other undefined

Additional: When I make ATen, and include .so file from that, it will not such error.