Incorrect Class label for Caltech101 dataset

I am using Caltech101 datasets from torchvision Pytorch library.
I am trying to build a subset of this large dataset with just five classes (Caltech5). As part of this, I am selecting few classes and segregating them based on the class index.

However, I am unable to map class index given by Caltech101 dataloader to the list of class label correctly.

Class labels: caltech101_class_labels.txt

The very first image given by the dataloader itself is not matching.

For example:

dataloader = datasets.Caltech101(root="./", download=True)
idx = 0
img, _class = dataloader[idx]
print("Class: ", _class)

Files already downloaded and verified
Class: 0

Class index 0 should belong to accordion but it is a face.

Am i missing anything here ?

Good luck on your project.