Incorrect version spec in GetStarted section torch==1.7.0

Hi all,
Post directed toward Admin about typo in the GetStarted section, and more specifically in the how-to wheel install of the legacy version of torch==1.7.0 on CPU only nodes.

It reads:

# CPU only
pip install torch==1.7.0+cpu torchvision==0.8.0+cpu torchaudio==0.7.0 -f

whereas it should be:

# CPU only
pip install torch==1.7.0+cpu torchvision==0.8.1+cpu torchaudio==0.7.0 -f

as there is no torchvision==0.8.0+cpu available at least in my pyenv Python 3.7.0 virtual environment. (I realize this may in fact be related and specific to that virtual environment. Unsure.)

Thanks for reporting the issue.
The torchvision==0.8.0 package is available as seen here, but you are right that the additional +cpu argument is missing in the wheel name.

CC @seemethere