Initialize weights as a constant array?

I’m interested in using the Glow stand-alone bundles for microcontroller applications but I ran into the following memory issue. When declaring the constant weight array

uint8_t constantWeight[CONSTANT_MEM_SIZE] = {
#include "MODEL_NAME.weights.txt"

the array is not defined as constant. You cannot simply add a const keyword because the model entry function expects a non-constant format. This is a problem because non-constant variables are stored in the (too small) RAM segment instead of the flash. Is there a simple way to work around this problem?

Check out for an easy approach to put pytorch & onnx models into microcontroller applications

I’m not sure I understand the issue. Why do you need to mark it as const? Your microcontroller application requires the weights to be const? Can you not just create a constant reference to use in APIs other than the model entry function?