Installation of Ultralytics and Yolov5 over Jetson Nano board (Jetpack 4.6.4).)

Device name - Jetson Nano
OS - 4.6.4
Python - 3.9

Objective - Install Ultralytics and run Yolo scripts - NVIDIA Jetson Nano Deployment - Ultralytics YOLOv8 Docs

Question - I have installed below dependencies as per the above mentioned article for ultralytics, now only pytorch and torchvision is remaining, that i have to install as per my hardware compatibility mentioned here -, i haven’t find anything that can relate case. As per this reference link we only have PyTorch v1.10.0 for jetpack 4.6.4 and will only be supported for python 3.6, please help me to setup this.

pip list - pandas=1.1.4, pyyaml=5.3.1, pillow=10.1.0, pip=23.3.1, tqdm=4.64.0, matplotlib=3.3.0, numpy=1.26.2, psutil=5.9.6, opencv-python=, requests=2.23.0, scipy=1.11.4, thop=0.1.1.post2207130030, seaborn=0.11.0.