Installing PyTorch/Torchvision

I am trying to download Torchvision in an Anaconda environment. Pytorch is installed, but torchvision gives me an error: “No module named torchvision”
I’m using Windows 10.
Please advise.
I have done everything on the Google, Stackflow etc. ,nothing is working.
My assignment is due Wednesday.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Could you post the install command, the output of conda list | grep torch as well as your used Python version?

Good afternoon!
It’s fixed and this is what I used.
For some reason, it wasn’t working in my new anaconda environment.
My python version is 3.9.7 and conda version 4.11.0.
Thanks for responding.
I will be in touch. I am using PyTorch all summer long. :slightly_smiling_face: