Installing PyTorch with Anaconda

I already have Anaconda and now want to install PyTorch. The manual says, " To install PyTorch with Anaconda, you will need to open an Anaconda prompt via Start | Anaconda3 | Anaconda Prompt ."

" To install PyTorch via Anaconda, and do not have a CUDA-capable system or do not require CUDA, in the above selector, choose OS: Windows, Package: Conda and CUDA: None. Then, run the command that is presented to you."

But Anaconda Prompt is a command line interface. There is no selector there.

On the top of the page where you are reading this, there is this selector.

There you have to select your settings and you get the correct command that you have to input to the command line interface.


conda install pytorch torchvision torchaudio cpuonly -c pytorch
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Thank you! I see now!