Introduce a tool of PyTorch

Hi guys,

just want to introduce a tool of Pytorch which helps me with the kaggle TGS challenge. It’s called Minetorch and was built by me during this competition, my friends and I use this the whole time with the TGS challenge and it does bring some conveniences for us.

Here’s the link , it’s already on pypi so one can install it just with pip install minetorch . Things out of box are:

  • Logger
  • Tensorboard supported
  • Auto resume
  • Auto best model saving
  • Many hook points for customization

There is also an mnist example of how to use this tool , it’s basiclly migrated from the official pytorch mnist example.


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Sounds interesting? How does your tool compare to Ignite? Do you see any advantages / disadvantages using one or the other?

Haven’t known this until now, many features are same except the tensorboard and namespace.
I write this for my own need, not sure if it’s fit for everyone, just share it : )

Sure, thanks a lot for sharing it! Maybe some features would be nice to have in Ignite as well.
CC @vfdev-5


@ptrblck thanks for mentioning Ignite !

@chenglu sure that your project and Ignite have a lot of features in common. We are also working on more tight integration of Tensorboard into Ignite. If you have opportunity, give a try to Ignite and feel free to propose new features :slight_smile:

Anyway nice analogy in your project presentation:
… So is data-mining, A special torch named pytorch can help us get the dimonds in data…

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That’s great that PyTorch has a official tool like this, I will dig more about the Ignite and see if I can contribute. : )