Introducing the Pytorch Toolkit - Keras-like API for Pytorch

The Pytorch Toolkit is a library of functions and classes I wrote to provide a Keras-like interface to train & evaluate Pytorch models and make predictions. It works with Numpy data as well as torchvision datasets.

You can download it from my Github repository - (it includes examples as well)

I also include a Step-by-Step Tutorial to get you started quickly.

Hope you love using this as much as I loved writing it.


Thanks for posting your work here! :slight_smile:
Could you describe some advantages or use cases of your library compared to e.g. Lightning or Ignite?

To be honest, I have not used Lightening or Ignite, so I can’t really comment.
I came to Pytorch from a primary Keras over Tensorflow background. I hated using pure Tensorflow as you had to write a lot of verbose non-pythonic code. Keras was a welcome relief. Then I heard that Pytorch was more Pythonic in it’s approach, so though I’d give it a try. But to my dismay, I saw that yet again I had to write a lot of boilerplate code to train/test my DL models.
So to alleviate my problem, I wrote some re-useable code, primarily to avoid writing repeated boilerplate code. Though I’d share my work with the community in the hope that someone else also finds it useful. This is a very simple library (just 1 file of code), so I don’t doubt that Ignite or Lightening would be far more capable. :slight_smile:

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Ah OK, sounds like a reasonable approach :slight_smile:
Maybe your library (or the other mentioned ones) could benefit from the design decisions made, so feel free if you think some kind of collaboration would be useful. :slight_smile:

Well, there is also the thing! :wink:

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