Invoking Time of nn.Module _register_state_dict_hook()

Below is the source code of _register_state_dict_hook I quoted from official Pytorch nn.Module

    def _register_state_dict_hook(self, hook):
        r"""These hooks will be called with arguments: `self`, `state_dict`,
        `prefix`, `local_metadata`, after the `state_dict` of `self` is set.
        Note that only parameters and buffers of `self` or its children are
        guaranteed to exist in `state_dict`. The hooks may modify `state_dict`
        inplace or return a new one.
        handle = hooks.RemovableHandle(self._state_dict_hooks)
        self._state_dict_hooks[] = hook
        return handle

The comment says that “These hooks will be called … after the “state_dict” of self is set”.
While I’m not sure when exactly the “state_dict” of a nn.Module is set. Is it set after initialization? Or every time after the weight get updated?


This is linked to when the load_state_dict() function is called.
Note that this function is internal and might change without notice in the future.

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Aha, I see.
So the same goes for nn.Module _reister_state_dict_pre_hook(), right?

Yes this is the same idea

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