Is `heapq` module supported for compilation by Dynamo?

heapq Python module is implementing heap-based priority queues:

Supporting these basic ops is useful for compiling Dijkstra-like loops which treat graph edges or nodes one by one based on some priority recalculation.

Ideally, these Python loops (using heapq.pop and heapq.push) could be compiled to C++ at least…

This graph broke for me

import heapq
import torch

def program():
  h = []
  heapq.heappush(h, 3)
  heapq.heappush(h, 1)
  heapq.heappush(h, 4)
  val = heapq.heappop(h)
  return val * torch.randn(10)


@voz on github might say this is a good dynamo starter task XD

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Created an issue Dynamo graph break when using pyton module `heapq` (manipulates with `list`s) · Issue #106885 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub :slight_smile:

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