Is it ok to use nn.CrossEntropyLoss() even for binary classification?

I am training a binary classifier, however I have a softmax layer as the last layer, thus is it ok if I use nn.CrossEntropyLoss() as objective function instead of Binary Cross entropy loss? are there any difference?


I tried using nn.CrossEntropyLoss() for binary classification and it didn’t work. You should use BCELoss.


What are the other loss functions which work for multi-class classification(one is Cross entropy.)?

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MultiLabelMarginLoss, MultiLabelSoftMarginLoss, MultiMarginLoss


Shouldn’t nn.CrossEntropyLoss() be equivalent to nn.Sigmoid() --> nn.BCELoss()? (With two / one output respectivly).


But BCE Loss does Sigmoid, I have a softmax layer in the end, any workaround?

BCE Loss does not do sigmoid, you can look at the doc
If you want BCE to do sigmoid, use BCE with logits


Yes exactly. You might want to follow this little thread on SO to get this clearer:

nn.CrossEntropyLoss for binary classification didn’t work for me too! In fact, it did the opposite of learning. Why didn’t it work for you? Can you please explain the behavior I am observing?
Note: The same model with nn.MSELoss worked fine (passed overfitting test). And I am supplying the unnormalized FC layer output to the CE loss function.

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