Is it possible to rename Event Log scalar

I’ve been fairly busy running and updating several pieces of code as I learn pytorch.
After a bunch of experiments that took a fair amount of time I noticed that some of my logged scalars on tensorboard had different names/paths. I’d like to set them under the same name/path, offline, instead of re-running all experiments just to get new logs with the issue fixed.

Is there any possibility of doing this in tensorboard or tensorboardX ? I can’t seem to find much information online about this, nor the documentation seems to have any functions for renaming stuff inside already finished logs.

Thanks in advance.

Well after a while I finaly found something that proved useful:

The accepted answer managed to work for my case. Although I have to keep calling the main function and go about making a new output event file per scalar to change. I could probably change it to work for multiple pairs of oldnames/newnames but as it is works well enough and is made to replace multiple old names to a single new name.