Is pytorch compatible with AMD Ryzen CPUs

I am planning to buy a new CPU and I was wondering if pytorch is compatible with AMD Ryzen CPUs. I have read in some threads that pytorch does not work well with AMD cpus but they are all from 3 years ago. I want to know if those issues have been solved or they are still a problem.

Could you post links to these issues and did you see a referenced GitHub issue, which was still open or already closed?

There was this reddit thread and one other on quora that I couldn’t find. These threads just made me doubt if there was any issues now.

Reddit thread: Reddit - Dive into anything

The linked thread mentions that AMD CPUs cannot use Intel’s MKL which is true and will influence the performance. I would not consider this a bug as it seems the lack of support of MKL for AMD CPUs is by design (I’m not at Intel so cannot speak for them).
Besides that I don’t see any other issues mentioned there.

Wouldn’t this lack of support for MKL be problematic?

Not for the functionality of CPU operations, but for their performance as the fallback might be slower than MKL. However, you would need to profile it in the end to get a proper comparison as I’m just speculating.
It thus depends on your point of view if you think a potentially slower execution path on the CPU is problematic or not.

But to your original point: yes, PyTorch should be compatible with AMD CPUs functionality-wise.