Is that possible to save model in Lua ".t7" format to load from Lua Torch?

Subj, is that possible in a some way?

You should have a look at this topic: Saving custom models

Sorry, I don’t understand how it will helps to serialize to LuaTorch format

We don’t support that at the moment. PyTorch models are much more flexible than those in Lua, so it’s easier to go the other way around. You could try recoding your model and dumping the weights to HDF5 format.

I understand why you made that decision, but it’s very bad to be not able to port between one framework on two languages.
We have production code on Lua\Torch for Android phones. Of course we can’t use Python on smartphones, but as training and for analyze Python much better. That’s why I’m disappointed.

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@WildChlamydia I think it would be nice to have that, but it’s not a feature that we’re going to implement anytime soon. There are lots of very important things to implement. PR are welcome though.

Maybe you’ll find the thread on exporting models to C interesting.

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