Is there a C api for aten?

I would like to use libtorch as basic operators in other programming languages. And not all the c++ features are fully supported.
I would like to know if there is a c head file or c api/abi for libtorch, which I could use as a bridge with another language?


I’m afraid the whole point of aten compared to TH/THC was to move completely to c++ so I don’t think there is any C API for it.

As noted in," Torch has always been , and will always be a library that provides a C ABI interface."
I just wonder will can I find a header file which contains all c interfaces.

I am afraid this comment is not really up to date :confused:

This comment refers to the TH/THC libraries only. But we have quite heavily moved out from these libraries and use them less and less now. So they don’t provide much functionality anymore.

FWIW we are building/using lantern to wrap all torch api into a C compatible. It’s not stable at all, but contributions are welcome!

Thanks a lot~ I would like to have a look~