Is there a good library for Mean Average Precision Metrics Computation in Object Detection?

Hi. I have wrote a detection algorithm. Does any one know how to calculate the mAP criterion? Is there any module in python to calculate the mAP?

see they have recently merged mAP meter.
You cannot make mAP a criterion (i.e. differentiable) as it’s not a differentiable cost.


Oh Sorry I did not want to mean mAP as a Criterion (differentiable Layer). I just wanted to find an exact implementation of that as metric.
On the other hand, I want to say that we can find an exact implementation of mAP specifically for each dataset. Since I benefited from MSCOCO Detection Dataset, the author of MSCOCO present a good module in python to measure this metric.
By the way thanks for your response!


Check this one:

Very useful