Is there a way to upsample a image with non int scale_factor?

For example, I want upsample my image with scale_factor 1.5.

Do you need this transform to be differentiable, or just to use it as part of the data loading?

If you are referring to upsampling using then you can upsample by a non-int scale_factor by directly providing the output size. For example:

import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from torch.autograd import Variable

inp = Variable(torch.randn(10, 3, 24, 24))
m = nn.UpsamplingBilinear2d(size=(55, 55))
out = m(inp)

I need it to be differentiable, as I am doing a pixel-to-pixel task which requires the output size is different with the input size.

Thanks. Is this operation differentiable?

yes it is differentiable. all operators in torch.nn are differentiable.

I see.
Thanks for the reply.

This appears to give an error saying that the upsampled size is not divisible by the original size when done with UpsampleNearest2d rather than UpsampleBilinear2d

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I am also getting same error. can someone help.