Is using nightly build with cu116 possible with local cu114 installed?

I am using CUDA 11.4 for my NVIDIA T4 GPU from AWS.
(That’s what my nvidia-smi says. I have cudatoolkit==11.1.1.)

I need to use nightly build of PyTorch, but there are binaries supporting cu102, cu116, cu117.

I know that using cu113 binaries with cu114 GPU is possible (as back-supported),
but I am not sure about if using cu116 binary with cu114 GPU is possible.

Is that possible?
If not, can I use cu102 binary for my cu114 GPU instead?
If not, is there any way to use nightly build with my cu114 GPU?

This is possibly related to the possibility of using cu116 for a GPU that nvidia-smi says CUDA 11.4.


Yes, you can use the binaries with a newer CUDA 11.6 runtime and an older driver installed on your system.

Thanks. You’ve made my day!