Issues using Data Parallelism: DataParallel object has no attribute 'xxxxxxxx'

I have an NLP model and I need to use data parallelism due to large batch data size. I wrapped my model using nn.DataParallel. I need the model attributes else where during training, validation, logging etc. Here’s how I’m doing it:

class Trainer():
    def __init__(self, model, config):
        self.model = model
        if torch.cuda.device_count() > 1:
            print("Let's use", torch.cuda.device_count(), "GPUs!")
            self.model = nn.DataParallel(model)
        self.txt_property = self.model.txt_property
        # many more properties

    def do_something(self):
        param = self.model.param

AttributeError: 'DataParallel' object has no attribute 'txt_property'

What is the best practice to encapsulate model with nn.DataParallel?

Since you wrapped it inside DataParallel, those attributes are no longer available. You should be able to do something like self.model.module.txt_property to access those variables.

Be careful with altering these values though:

In each forward, module is replicated on each device, so any updates to the running module in forward will be lost. For example, if module has a counter attribute that is incremented in each forward , it will always stay at the initial value because the update is done on the replicas which are destroyed after forward .

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Thank you for the reply. Understood about accessing the values. Thanks for the link!