Java JDK dependencies for TorchServe

Current the doc says:
java 8 : Required. TorchServe use java to serve HTTP requests. You must install java 8 (or later) and make sure java is on available in $PATH environment variable before installing TorchServe. If you have multiple java installed, you can use $JAVA_HOME environment variable to control which java to use.

But the instructions refer to Java 11 JDK. Which I think is correct (I tried with just Java8 and it did not work) So the docs need an update. But my real question is… I’m not sure if one needs full JDK or JRE?
From a security perspective JDK is a larger attach surface, having dependency reduced to JRE makes TorchServe better from a production standpoint. Would love some thoughts on this topic from the devs.


Here is the new link of the installation.

JDK11 is used for Torchserve dev environment. For Prod, we need test if JRE is enough or not.