Jetson Nano: Functions of Pytorch do not work properly

By following this guide, I installed Pytorch 1.7.0 on a Nvidia Jetson Nano, which had JetPack 4.4 and Python 3.6 installed. But it seems like the installation was not proper.
Normally Pytorch outputs the following:

>> torch.tanh(torch.tensor(4.2))
>> torch.tensor(1.)

But in the current Jetson Nano installation:

>> torch.tanh(torch.tensor(4.2))
>> torch.tensor(4.)

In other test scripts, the models do not seem to update their weights,
which usually works in Pytorch.

How should I install Pytorch on the Jetson Nano? I already tried the corresponding wheel.

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This was a known issue and was fixed by fixing NEON and rebuilding the 1.7.1 Jetson wheels.