JIT graph doesn't show fused kernels?

For example a simple jit’ed mse:

def jit_mse(input, target):
    return ((input - target)**2).mean()

shows the cuda kernel fused_sub_pow in the profiler, however it doesn’t change the original graph (with aten::sub and aten::pow)
This seems to make the graph property a bit useless, or is this not its intended usage?

The graph is the unoptimized representation, see graph_for(input, target) for the “full deal”. So the graph property is more “how did TorchScript understand my program” than while graph_for is “what will TorchScript run”.

I’ve tried to summarize a bit of how that happens in a couple of articles on my blog: Optimizing functions in the JIT and Runtime overview. Note that none of that is official information, so treat anything on my blog as “random person on the internet says…”.

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Thank you for the quick reply @tom and also for the great articles!
It looks like torch.jit.last_executed_optimized_graph() is what I have been looking for.

Last I looked, graph_for was using that, too…