Julia in python pytorch

I installed julia in my computer and in google colab. but

import Shearlab
n = 512;

#data = rand(n,n);

#sizeX = size(data,1);
#sizeY = size(data,2);

# Set the variables for the Shearlet trasform
#rows = sizeX;
#cols = sizeY;
#X = data; 
#nScales = 2;

#shearletSystem = Shearlab.SLgetShearletSystem2D(rows,cols,nScales);

#coeffs = Shearlab.SLsheardec2D(X,shearletSystem);

mat_fname_gt = pjoin('./sample_data/', 'barbara.jpg')
data_nopar = Shearlab.load_image(name, n);
data_par = Shearlab.load_image(name, n,n,1);
data_nopar = data_nopar[:,:,1];
data_par = data_par[:,:,1]

error : ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Shearlab’

I’m not sure how the julia package relates to PyTorch. Could you explain your use case a bit more and how PyTorch interacts with it? Based on your code it seems you are not using PyTorch at all or am I missing something?

@ptrblck I will decomposed image with shearlet in julia.

I would recommend to create an issue in the linked GitHub repository or ask the package authors in their discussion board, if available, as your use case is unrelated to PyTorch.