Kernel Restarting while using CUDA as device

I switch back too windows 10 from ubuntu 18.04 LTS and all of my codes that previously run on Ubuntu are not working on windows.

Getting below Error

Pytorch Version = 1.5.0
NVIDIA-SMI =431.90
Driver Version: 431.90
CUDA Version: 10.1

If I do basic Code run it works Fine using cuda but my Deep-learning models are not working.

Try to get the pytorch installation instruction from

The pytorch libraries you have might not be compatible with your system.

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This one is the new one “conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.2 -c pytorch”
Do you want me to install it ?

You did install it once in your system. Right?

Yes I don’t remember which version but I am uninstalling now and install it again