Le: "b8[64, 2048, 7, 7]" = torch.ops.aten.le.Scalar(relu_48, 0); relu_48 = None

I used torch.compile and torch._dynamo to generate fx graphs for resnet50 model. I got this line from fx_graph_transformed.py.

Q1: what is “b8”? Is it a data type? From the PyTorch website I found out bfloat16 is one data type. But nothing about b8.

Q2: how do I locate this torch.ops.aten.le.Scalar operation in pytorch source code. I tried " grep -rni “torch.ops.aten.le.Scalar” ". It returned nothing.

Q3: add: “i64” = torch.ops.aten.add.Tensor(primals_164, 1) . Here, the output tensor has i64 datatype and the dimension is empty. Is there any element in this output tensor?

Q4: When I am using torch.compiler and torch._dynamo for a model training, it generates FX graphs in three directories. 1) model_backward, 2) model_forward, 3) model_inference. Directory 1 contains the FX graphs for backward propagation operations, directory 2 contains the FX graphs for forward propagation operations. What about the third directory? Is it about parameter updates after backward propagation? Is there any documentation to understand these generated FX graphs outputs? FX graph documentation “torch.fx — PyTorch 2.2 documentation” talks about what things I could do with the FX graphs. No detail about the generated output files understanding. (I have attached one screenshot)

Any kind of help is appreciated.