LFW dataset train and test distribution

Hello everyone,

I’m a bit new to PyTorch and I’d like to use the LFW dataset for a face recognition problem. I noticed that if there are images of a person in the training set, there are no images of that person in the test set (looking in each set how many images there are of each person). Am I doing something wrong? This is the code I have used:

train_data = datasets.LFWPeople(root=“data/LFW”, split=“train”, image_set=“original”, transform=ToTensor(), download=True)
train_counter = dict(Counter(train_data.targets))

test_data = datasets.LFWPeople(root=“data/LFW”, split=“test”, image_set=“original”, transform=ToTensor(), download=True)
test_counter = dict(Counter(test_data.targets))

Thank you in advanced!