LibTorch linking in Bazel produces "dyld[22939]: missing symbol called"

I have a pretty simple setup for libtorch, as I want to use the C++ API in my Bazel project. My WORKSPACE has the following:

        name = "libtorch",
        strip_prefix = "libtorch",
        type = "zip",
        urls = [""],
        build_file = Label("//external:BUILD.libtorch")

and my libtorch build looks like

    name = "torch_cpu",
    srcs = glob(["**/*.h", "**/*.hpp", "**/*.a", "**/*.so"]),
    hdrs = glob(["include/**/*.h"]),
    includes = [
    linkopts = ["-undefined error"],
    visibility = ["//visibility:public"]

Building the main target, which depends on this library, works fine. But when I try running bazel run ..., I get a runtime error like dyld[22939]: missing symbol called. Wondering if someone could help me out?

Currently working on an Intel MacOS 13.5.