Links to internal FB pages in blogpost

In blogpost empowering-models-performance I found that some links lead to internal Facebook pages, for example:

Could you fix the links?

And also on the topic of this blogpost, it seems that the COMPILE-TIME GRAPH SEARCH paragraph ends too abruptly

With our approach, the search time is roughly 60 seconds for one of our largest internal models. It is manageable for on-the-fly tasks and

Thanks for letting us know. CC @malfet

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Thank you for reporting. This is just an URL shortener for Optimizing Production PyTorch Models’ Performance with Graph Transformations | PyTorch

Thank you very much for the correct link. There is another link in this post that leads to internal resources - Internal Login

And can you tell me when you (or maybe authors of blogpost?) can correct the part of the article about COMPILE-TIME GRAPH SEARCH, because this part seems to me to be unfinished as i said earlier.