List(model.parameters())[0].grad - doubt in weight updates

I understand that when print list(model.parameters())[0].grad is None, it means that the graph is breaking somewhere. According to a previous answer, I shouldn’t be taking .data out of a variable and repacking it as a variable. That I am surely avoiding.

When I print this in the beginning of the first epoch, it gives None, but every epoch after that it gives a weight matrix. I hope this behavior is correct. The problem being that each of those weight matrices are the same and not updating. That is the weight matrices remain the same after each epoch.

I am unable to understand what could be the issue here.


So I did more debugging, and found that list(model.parameters())[1].grad, list(model.parameters())[2].grad and other parameters in the model were giving updated matrices after each epoch. So I think the model is working correctly.

My 0th parameter was the embedding layer weights, which aren’t updating. Should it be set to requires_grad=True?

the .grad field of Variables is None by default, it will contain something only after you compute some gradients for it. So it is expected that it is empty before the first epoch and then contains gradients.
Moreover, if the .grad field has been filled for this parameter, that means that requires_grad=True for this Variable.

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