Load CRAFT .pth

Error loading a pretrained model, e.g. Craft .pth or TPS-ResNet-BiLSTM-Attn-case-sensitive.pth with:
module = torch::jit::load(“C:…/craft_mlt_25k.pth”);

"torch::jit::load() received a file from torch.save(), but torch::jit::load() can only load files produced by torch.jit.save()"
“Exception raised from load at …\torch\csrc\jit\serialization\import.cpp:388 (most recent call first):
… c10.dll!c10::detail::LogAPIUsageFakeReturn [ @ ]
… c10.dll!c10::detail::LogAPIUsageFakeReturn [ @ <unknown line …”

do i need to convert to caffe or onnnx? isnt .pth Pytorch? How can i load that?

now i know, but to save it from python i need to know all the layers, how i know that, arent they saved in the file?