Load my labels into GPU

Hi I’m sure this topic is well known and people already asked this question. But I couldn’t solve my issue, which is loading my labels into GPU.

I’m Using a deit_base_patch16_224 model with timm library and I would like to train my model on GPU. Here is a quick look at my code :

# Load the pre-trained ViT model from timm
model = timm.create_model("deit_base_patch16_224", pretrained=True)
model = model.to(device)

# Define the loss function and optimizer
criterion = nn.BCEWithLogitsLoss()
optimizer = optim.Adam(model.parameters(), lr=1e-4)

# Train the model
for epoch in tqdm(range(num_epochs)):
    # Set the model to training mode

    # Loop over the training dataset in batches
    for i, (inputs, labels) in enumerate(train_loader):
        # Zero the gradients
        labels_ = labels.to(device)
        inputs = inputs.to(device)
        # Forward pass
        outputs = model(inputs)
        loss = criterion(outputs, labels.to(device))

        # Backward pass and optimization step

    # Set the model to evaluation mode

    # Compute the validation accuracy
    correct = 0
    total = 0
    with torch.no_grad():
        for inputs, labels in val_loader:
            outputs = model(inputs)
            predicted = (torch.sigmoid(outputs) > 0.5).int()
            total += labels.size(0)
            correct += (predicted == labels).all(dim=1).sum().item()
    val_accuracy = 100 * correct / total

    # Print the epoch number and validation accuracy
    print("Epoch {}/{}: Validation Accuracy = {:.2f}%".format(epoch+1, num_epochs, val_accuracy))

My inputs and my model already beeing on GPU I’m having this error :

RuntimeError: Expected all tensors to be on the same device, but found at least two devices, cpu and cuda:0! (when checking argument for argument mat1 in method wrapper_addmm)

I solved it by noticing that I needed to first run this line :


before putting the model into GPU :

model = model.to(device)

A cool line of code to use to check if all of your parameters are running with GPU is :

for name, param in model.named_parameters(): 
   print(name, param.device)