Load_state_dict not finishing in Celeryworker Task


I am running an EasyOCR docker on a kubernetescluster which itself is working totally fine.
However the issue I am facing is that when running the easyocr.Reader function, the Celeryworker seems to never finish and finally time out after X Minutes.
Through a lot of debug work I was able to localize the issue to be at the “load_state_dict” function in module.py of the Torch package.

I have not gotten a single error or anything, the Worker simply timeouts at some point.
Locally without a Docker it works, locally and on Kubernetescluster inside a docker it doesn’t work.
(It does work when running the code through an API Function. It only has that issue with the Celeryworker)

As I am not able to get any more detail out of it, I was wondering if anyone on here could help me.
I have tried it with Torch versions 1.10.1 til 1.12.1 with Torchvision 0.11.2 til 0.13.1 and am not sure what to do next.