Load torchscript module error!

I transfer pth pretrain model to pt(by torchscript)

I can load in python.

But can not be load in libtorch and pytorch andorid ?

E/PytorchHelloWorld: Error reading assets
                     com.facebook.jni.CppException: false CHECK FAILED at ../torch/csrc/jit/import.cpp (deserialize at ../torch/csrc/jit/import.cpp:178)
                     (no backtrace available)
                         at org.pytorch.Module$NativePeer.initHybrid(Native Method)
                         at org.pytorch.Module$NativePeer.<init>(Module.java:70)
                         at org.pytorch.Module.<init>(Module.java:25)
                         at org.pytorch.Module.load(Module.java:21)

You can get model from below link:

Help me pleaseā€¦